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Question: How does it work?
The EA-paper solution, integrating handwriting recognition, is based on the digital pen and paper technology, developed by Anoto. For more information, please constult our detailed documentation (in french only)

Question: How does the pen records the strokes?
The pen is equiped with a micro camera and an invisible pattern is printed on the paper. It is the unicity of the pattern which enables the pen to know when the user has moved to a new page.

Question: What is the storage memory of the pen?
Answer: Up to 100 filled A4 forms. .

Question: How are the captured data transfered to my information system?
A simple docking in the pen's craddle launches the data transfer from the pen to your computer. This will start our visualisation system in order to ensure an appropriate handwritting recognition prior to send everything in the information system. Once validated, a simple clic will export the data into your favorite application.

Question: Does it require special training?
Answer: No, the end user uses the same tools as before: a pen and a sheet of paper.


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